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For a cyclist at night there is no such thing as too many lights.

Unfortunately my lighting systems were seriously trimmed back on the tour or in transit and I've been feeling a touch vulnerable on the roads at night. In reality I was probably quite safe as I was being very careful to charge the battery on the helmet light regularly.

But Michael Priest has just delivered the trike back to me with a new right front wheel with a dynamo hub and a new LED headlight.

I'll assess how good the light itself is when I ride home tonight but so far it looks like the new set up will do everything the old one did. Plus the new lights should:
- Kick in at a slower speed
- Be more reliable in wet weather
- Be easier to switch on and off (swtich is on the front light rather than having to reach behind me to the rear wheel)
- Auto switch on as it gets darker (there's a sensor setting on the switch).

All in all a nice piece of kit. :)
EDIT: I think I'm in love...
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