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As mentioned previously the new headlight is a lot easier to turn on and off.

Because the new dynamo is silent and with no noticeable drag I don't bother. I'm basically leaving it on all the time.
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I can fit a 16" wheel into an Arkel RT-60 pannier. I'm not sure if this means that:

a) My wheels are ridiculously small; or
b) My panniers are ridicullusly large.
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For a cyclist at night there is no such thing as too many lights.

And I've just got some more! Oooh Shiny! )
EDIT: I think I'm in love...
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Just re-assembled the trike. The dynamo and/or both of the lights fed by the dynamo aren't working, one of the rear flashing lights isn't working with fresh batteries, and the computer mounting is also busted. Oh, and my tool pouch has some largeish holes in it as well as a broken zip. I should probably get a new flag as well.

I should be able to get to work and back (in daylight anyway) but some serious work is required before everything is fully operational again.

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No we didn't ride all that way. Especially not Arthur's Pass.

There was a train ride though... )

I probably won't do much tomorrow and will pack the trike on Monday. Tuesday I fly to Perth

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Lakes, hills, and more glorious weather.

Read more... )

Last day tomorrow and it looks like the weather may abandon us.

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Mirrored misty lakes, hills, and hiking on ice.

Quite a varied day indeed... )

And shortly there will be dinner and hot pools. Life is good.

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Deja vu all over again. Except not.

And I'll stop making jokes like that soon... )

Of course it does mean that I know what is coming tomorrow...

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There is really only one road on the west coast of the South Island. This time I'm travelling it in the opposite direction.

And that's not the only thing that's different )
Hey, I've just done 1000Km on this tour! Yay me!
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Either the trike is getting older or the NZ roads are getting rougher. Or is it both at once?

She's breaking up Captain! I cannae hold her together much longer... )

But what about the ride? There was a ride today right? )
Not quite sure what the options are tomorrow but it is a fair way to Haast. I am going to make an attempt at the Haast Pass though.
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Cold, wet, and on gravel. What else could possibly go wrong?

Do you really want me to answer that? )
Dinner shortly then planning for a couple of rest days in Queenstown.
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A sprint, a social bit, and a hard grind. All before lunch.

Not the light ride I was expecting... )

Tomorrow we're off to Queenstown by a different route that involves gravel and steamships.

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End of the cruise, lots of downhills, and a fast century ride.

But still a century so fairly tired now... )

Tomorrow we're staying in Te Anau but will be riding in the area in the morning.

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A couple of enjoyable but not long rides, a lot of driving time, and a pleasant cruise on Milford Sound.

Lots of pretty scenery though... )

Tomorrow the boat will return to Milford and we'll be off to Te Anau for a couple of nights. We should be able to get some decent rides in tomorrow.

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The route may be the same but the ride can be very different.

Over the Crown Ranges I go... )

On Tuesday we'll be heading towards Milford Sound and again limitations on geography will create very similar rides

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I can too climb hills!

And I actually made pretty good time too... )

Note: descents are all the sweeter when you've earned them. :)

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A good long ride, some hiking, spectacular views and near perfect weather.

It just doesn't get much better than this... )

Life is good. Right now I'm as pleased as I am tired...

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In which I discover that tarmac with a headwind is preferable to gravel with a tail wind

But at least the great views made up for it... )

Usually I try to insert a witty post cut comment here but I'm drawing a blank tonight.

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Two good rides, a lot of driving, some rain and some gravel.

And we're on again... )
Oh, and apparently the hills eating my flags was seen as a challenge. Adventure South have provided a replacement flag, clipped it to the pole, and supplied three spares. :)
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An interesting morning, a pleasant ride, and an end to the beginning.

Whales and Wrapping Up... )
Rest day tomorrow then I think it is on to the Milford Experience. Yay!


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