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Dec. 19th, 2008 11:46 am
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Arrived last night and spending a quiet day today. Tonight I will game and things will begin to get better.

Tomorrow the healing will continue with a bout of retail therapy at Just Bents.
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Titan is a classic, if somewhat flawed, boardgame that I spent much time playing in Unisfa in days gone by. I now have a computer version of it with variant maps and I just completed a game with a fairly impressive Titan stack.

Killing it would have been worth an archangel, and was definitely worth the new user pic. :)

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Sighted today in civic: Furry D20s hanging from a rear vision mirror.
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Had a couple of good games of Wings of War with some amusing moments.

Mayhem, hilarity, and collisions ensued... )
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On this cold, wet, and otherwise miserable day treadly has provided me with this amusing and long list of cycling boardgames.

So, [ profile] _bigjobbies_,  how many of these do you have?
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Any rule that can be rorted will be rorted.

This is as inevitable as radioactive decay and here is a good soccer example courtesy of Snopes.


Jun. 9th, 2008 11:44 am
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Had a very pleasant ride with Patrick yesterday, followed by an OK game of the WWII variant of Wings of War.

Granted that it may be unfair to dismiss this variant after only one game but it just didn't seem to work as well. I think that both of us definitely prefer the WWI variant and I'm not all that likely to buy more of the WWII version.


May. 11th, 2008 09:10 pm
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Stuff I've acquired recently includes the Patlabor TV Series (47 episodes) which I'm chewing through fairly quickly and enjoying immensely. I think you can take it as a given that I'll be trying to run a Patlabor panel at some convention or other. :)

I've also snagged some of the second series Wings of War miniatures and now understand why the DR VII came as such an unpleasant surprise to Allied pilots at the end of WWI (that turning stall maneuver is a nasty piece of work).

And I should be getting ARIA in September. :)

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Went for a slightly wet (well, moist air) ride this morning and bought some thicker jerseys for winter riding. Also stopped in at the local games shop after lunch to buy many Wings of War bits, including some WWI miniatures and the WWII version.

The WWII version is very different, the two are entirely incompatible as they've effectively rescaled the entire game to the new speed(s). Speaking of which some of the maneuver cards now have two end points, depending on whether you're at high speed or low speed. I haven't played it yet but this may act as a deterrent to the Immelman as you have to be at high speed before and end at low speed after...

Whilst I was building my impressive stack of bits to buy I commented to a friend that "I've got a credit card and I'm not afraid to use it." The shop assistant behind me who was rearranging the shelves of Mind Games at the time then piped up with "Is that a pick up line? It is for people in retail!" :)
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For some reason my mind is obsessing on the components of the game played earlier tonight and this is preventing me getting to sleep.

Sigh. So here I am in bed with my laptop actually on my lap seeking diversion and mental relaxation from the internerd.

Sigh. Could be a long night...
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Whilst I haven't played a lot of games this trip, the way I've been playing them is something I'm quite pleased about.

In particular for Settlers of Catan I've basically been playing for the right reasons (the company, the social interaction) in a "friendly" style (moving the robber to empty hexes, etc). I've won some, I've lost some but all of the games have been fun. Which is the whole point, and a sign that I've mellowed somewhat in recent years.

Oh, and as I believe I've mentioned previously Wings of War is cool! :)

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Well,  I find myself festering in the Qantas Club lounge of Sydney airport. Again.

I'm on my way home from SwanCon at which I even went to a panel item or two.

Mostly it was about seeing old friends that I see all too rarely, and playing board games with them (something else that I do all too rarely these days). Oh, and buying stuff at the auction. It was all good. :)

Two new games bear mentioning - Wings of War  and On the Underground

Both very enjoyable, I'd probably buy copies if I had a chance to play them on a regular basis...


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