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I now have tags for New Zealand 2009 and New Zealand 2007.

I've set the journal up for pingbacks. Just to cover for the vastly unlikely scenario where I say something worth linking to. :)

And just to round things off I've got semagic up and running on the new laptop.
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I've just been hiding underneath airconditioning doing as little as possible for the last week or so.

Part one of ARIA the NATURAL arrived complete with a cute Aria-shacho vinyl figurine and a very pretty colour booklet for the episodes. Oddly, the makers went with a 5th extras disc rather than spreading them out across the 4 discs for the 13 episodes as they'd done for ARIA the ANIMATION. Go figure.

DVI cables rock - switching from the VGA to the DVI seriously boosted the resolution on the separate monitor. Or, rather, boosted the visually comfortable resolution.

Now all I need to do is work out a way to connect the laptop to the amplifier. Unfortunately there are several generations of connectors between them. My Denon amp is still a nice piece of kit but I have had it for almost 10 years now and the connector panel on the back reflects that.

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The monitor arrived while I was at lunch.

I am amused by the fact that the box for the monitor is bigger than the box for the laptop plus all the other accessories. :)

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PC Market have an order tracking facility - you type in your order number + email address and you get a list of things happening with the order.

From which I can tell that my 22" monitor has been processed and will soon (as in possibly today) be handed over to Australian Air Express.
So,  there may well be bouncing tomorrow once I have the combination of large monitor and digital TV tuner working with the laptop...

(Oh, and I downloaded BS Player + Codecs yesterday so I can watch anime on the new laptop too!)
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According to Australian Air Express my laptop and other assorted goodies arrived in Canberra early this morning.


EDIT1: Mine! Well, except for the 22" monitor on back order. And Outlook 2007 since I somehow managed to pick a version of Office that didn't include it. My bad but I should be able to fix that locally.


Jan. 15th, 2009 03:50 pm
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I've gone with one of these plus many , many options (including the swappable battery). Let the waiting begin!

Web order, will be delivered to my work address. Life is good.
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Toshiba's customer service line also rates a pass: the first person you talk to knows what she is talking about and gives a straight answer.

Alas it seems that Toshiba DO have a hot swappable bay but don't have a battery accessory for it. Sigh.
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I also called Lenovo. The first person to answer my call had the answer, the appropriate terms to look for on the Lenovo website, and which product lines to look for.

Mark: PASS

Fujitsu do not have a local reseller in Canberra but may have one soon. The first person I spoke to there promised to call me back in an hour with details once I identified the models I was interested in, and may also provide details of a NSW/VIC reseller with website ordering.

Mark: PASS (maybe not as strong as Lenovo but still WAY better than Dell).
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I called DELL's customer line to find out if any of their laptops had the hot swappable bays I'm looking for. It took at least 3 redirects, a bad connection to a call centre in India before I found out that the answer was NO while the guy on the other end started launching into a sales pitch.

Mark: FAIL


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