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The eponymous October Project album is a thing of haunting beauty. Mary Fahl's glorious vocals bring these songs of love, loneliness and loss to life and sink these songs into your soul and mind.

Whilst there are no songs I would call bad it is inevitable that some are stonger than others. The standouts to me are Bury My Lovely, Ariel, A Lonely Voice, and Wall of Silence. These songs in particular almost demand to be played again.

Highly recommended.

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Last time I was in Perth [ profile] rdmasters fed my iPod the second October Project album Falling Farther In.

I now have the physical CDs for both of the original October Project albums.

It's all his fault I tell you!
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Seems to be what I'm doing right now, even with working 3 hours on Saturday.

Movies and Music Ensue )
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[Error: unknown template qotd]For LJ? Not much. There will be occasional posts (like this one) where I control it but otherwise mostly random.

For work? I do some of my best analysis to instrumentals, SUR, and J-pop. I find not understanding the lyrics (or not having any to begin with) can be soothing and helps me both to concentrate and be creative.
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As I was walking out of the gym this morning I noticed that the Channel 9 morning show was going to be interviewing The Bangles about nowish. I hope so, seeing The Bangles live again would be cool.

 EDIT: In October apparently, and there may even be a new album coming! Bounce! Bounce! :)
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One song I, ah, acquired from [ profile] rdmasters at Christmas was an anime theme track called Midnight Blue but not the track of the same name from the Patlabor TV series. I absolutely adore this song but not knowing where it was from was starting to bug me so I finally googled the damn thing.

It turns out to be one of the Slayers themes. Which means that, inevitably, it is sung by Megumi Hayashibara. :)
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The "current music" on the last entry was as random as it was appropriate.

I will admit to pausing it so that semagic wouldn't change it until after the entry posted. :)
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I ran a little experiment with my iPod recently. I basically avoided doing anything that would reset the playlist (shuffle albums) and found out how long it takes me to get through the entire set.

Allowing for interruptions like cycling or anything else requiring attention, the answer is just over a week.

And it isn't even close to full yet...

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 The iPod just switched from Orff's Carmina Burana to Australian Crawl's Beautiful People and The Boys Light Up.

Given how much of a modern Carmina Burana would be engineering (and possibly law) student drinking songs, I'm actually finding this to be kind of appropriate...
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Why I don't listen to the iPod on the trike.
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My Asus eee eats my iPod.

I've got most of my collection across to the eee now so hopefully I won't have to connect the two again.

It's still annoying though.
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... is huge fun. Thanks [ profile] rdm and [ profile] leecetheartist!


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One of the peculiar characteristics of anime series is a tendency towards opening and closing songs*. I'm mostly talking about series here, it is by no means unusual for movies from any culture to at least end with a theme song of some sort, and certainly not unheard of as openings either. But consider if you will the number of western TV series, particularly SF series, that open or close with songs - to be honest I can't actually think of any offhand.

I'm not musical by any stretch of the imagination but I did start wondering recently about the challenges involved in composing a complete song that is constrained by the time limits of the credits - which is probably thirty seconds to a minute tops.

And then to consider how many series have truly outstanding opening and ending credit songs. It isn't a short list - some of my favourites include I don't need a promise (Vision of Escaflowne), the first opening to Card Captor Sakura, Blue Flow (the end theme to Haibane Renmei) and about the only thing I like about Eva which is the opening (although how much of that is due to seeing Ippongi Bang perform it live at Swancon, twice, is a good question).

So, what do people think? Easier? Harder? Leave a screened comment with your favourite three songs and I'll tally up the votes and post a list later. :)

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As I mentioned some time ago the Canberra Symphony Orchestra were going to be playing one of my favourite pieces of music tonight, and that I had tickets.

Alas, the concert has started now and I'm not there since I'm too sick to inflict my company on friends. And I missed a gym session on Monday.

You can call me Mr Grumpy at this point.

Oh well, I'll watch a bit more Card Captor Sakura as mental comfort food, go to bed early, and not set an alarm. I'm sure things will be better tomorrow.

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I will also note that the genre classifications applied by iTunes are occasionally odd.

Since when is Midnight Oil "Alternative and Punk"? Or Tom Lehrer "Books and Spoken"?

EDIT: It gets weirder: I could, if I squinted a lot, accept Red Sails in the Sunset as being "Alternative and Punk". So of course iTunes calls it "Rock" immediately after calling Blue Sky Mining "Alternative and Punk".
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...which must be why I'm loading more CDs into iTunes (and thence onto the iPod).

At least its a (mostly) painless experience (except when iTunes doesn't recognise the CD, which is just frustrating).

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A friend has just alerted me to this concert by the Canberra Symphony Orchestra. He's even offering to book tickets.

As some of you may know there was an anime convention in 1991 for which the organisers prepared an opening collage of anime that was perfectly matched to the 4th (I think) movement of Dvorak's 9th Symphony "The New World". This is a spectacular piece of music, one of my favourite pieces of classical music and this is a rare chance for me to see it performed live (I'm not sure I ever have, its been several years if so).

Bounce! Bounce! :)

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The wikipedia page for Maaya Sakamoto* lists her dubbing roles in addition to her roles as an anime voice actress. It's no surprise that an actress as capable as she is would get these roles, the surprise lies in some of the roles she's had. Nothing major, just little things like Padme Amidala and Rose Tyler...

Oh and Eponine** in Les Miserables...

*who among other things played the lead role of Hitomi Kanzaki in the superb Vision Of Escaflowne.
**She also has a gorgeous singing voice.
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In case you haven't guessed I bought a new toy over the weekend - an 8GB iPod nano.

And before you ask I will not be using it whilst riding. Being able to hear traffic is a good thing IMO.

It works!

Oct. 7th, 2007 06:15 pm
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The music detection in semagic! :)