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Lakes, hills, and more glorious weather.

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Last day tomorrow and it looks like the weather may abandon us.

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On account of being kind of busy I didn't get a lot of photos on Saturday but the best of the bunch are beneath the cut.

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Had a much better ride last night - about 40Ks all up - and whilst the ride this morning was short it produced some nice photos which I'll try to post tonight.

And breakfast with the Mob was also very pleasant.
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I thought I'd steal an idea from 

[personal profile] dalekboyand post some of the photos I use as a slideshow for my screensaver. The images and commentary are under the cut, and clicking on them will open the larger version in the galleries.


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[profile] nevryn's recent posts about the Great Ocean Road reminded me of my own tour through there so I've updated my photo index post to include the relatively few photos I took on that tour.

Since the LJ layout I'm now using lets me use a post as a guest book for the journal, its now up there on the menu bar as "Places I've Been".

And because I can get to it so easily it may grow links to other photo rich posts over time. :)


Aug. 10th, 2007 01:11 pm
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The trailer review now has photos.

I have a WizWheels TerraTrike Cruiser sitting in my garage that I'll be testing and reviewing this weekend. Stay tuned.

I didn't have any problems loading photos from another machine. This makes me wonder if my laptop is having hardware issues.

And I don't have to shrink the photos before loading them to the scrapbook. Good to know.
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Up until now my solution for grocery shopping has been to strap a milk crate to the top of a pannier and sit most of the groceries in that. This was OK but had several problems.

1. I had to keep a careful eye on how much I was buying as I wouldn't know until got outside if I could load it up. I never actually exceeded the limit but I came nervously close on several occasions.
2. I had to load the pannier and crate very carefully.
3. The way that the checkout staff bagged the items usually didn't match the way I needed to pack.

I've been thinking about trailers for a while so today I borrowed a Croozer Cargo trailer and gave it a test run. And then promptly bought it. :)

I have photos to accompany this review but LJ is being difficult tonight with uploads so I may add them tomorrow.

EDIT: Some photos beneath this cut

NB: Clicking on the photo will open up a larger version.
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Went for a ride around the western end of Lake Burley Griffin with a friend this morning. When we came back across Commonwealth Ave we came to the spot where, occasionally, I've been known to jump the trike. As I believe I've previously mentioned here and here.

Friend in question is more than happy to borrow my camera to see if he can catch the moment.

Which he almost did*. As you can see from the new userpic the rear wheel hasn't quite lifted yet. The full photo is beneath the cut along with a pretty shot of a rainbow on (in?) the Captain Cook Waterjet.

EDIT: So far most of my userpics were taken by friends with my camera. I'm kinda liking that. A lot. :)
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Welcome to my guestbook and touring photo album. :)

As I go on cycle tours any photos worth posting will find their way on to the journal and be indexed here. Feel free to poke around and either comment here or on the specific post for the photo you're interested in. 

March 2007 - New Zealand South Island

Day 01 - Christchurch Hills
Day 02 - Christchurch to Hamner Springs
Day 03 - Hamner Springs to Reefton
Day 04 - Reefton to Punakaiki
Day 05 - Punakaiki to Hokitika
Day 06 - Hokitika to Franz Josef
Day 07 - Franz Josef to Fox Glacier
Day 08 - Fox Glacier
Day 09 - Fox Glacier to Haast
Day 10 - Haast to Makarora
Day 11 - Makarora to Wanaka
Day 12 - Wanaka to Queenstown
Day 13 - Queenstown Rest Day
Day 14 - Queenstown, Shotover Jet, Lugeing
Day 15 - Queenstown. No photos today. :(
Day 16 - Queenstown to Te Anau
Day 17 - Te Anau to Manapouri, Doubtful Sound
Day 18 - Doubtful Sound, Manapouri to Otautau
Day 19 - Otautau to Invercargill
Day 20 - Invercargill to Curio Bay
Day 21 - Curio Bay to Balclutha
Day 21 - The Squashums Are Always Fresh... (Possible disturbing image)
Day 22 - Otago Peninsula

October 2006 - Adelaide to Melbourne
On this tour I didn't have a particularly convenient camera so there aren't that many photos. Still here are links to the photos that I did post.

Day 1- Adelaide to Victor Harbour
Day 2 - Victor Harbour to Meningie
Day 4 - Robe to Mount Gambier
Day 5 - Mount Gambier to Port Fairy
Day 6 - Port Fairy to Port Campbell
Day 8 - Lorne to Melbourne

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Since I didn't have to work today I worked on posting some photos instead. :)

So, we now have the following additions:

Day 20 - Invercargill to Curio Bay. Fun for ornithologists and a chance to mock my ignorance. :)
Day 21 - Curio Bay to Balclutha
Day 21 (part 2) - The Road Kill Cafe. Potentially disturbing image for some here. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED
Day 22 - Otago Peninsula. Riding through the clouds. Literally.

Also a package arrived with my long coat in it (that I left on a bus in Queenstown). Yay!

Catching up with some friends later tonight, and back to work tomorrow.
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Well I'm back home and feeling much better after a good nights sleep.

One of the messages on my mobile was from my manager asking me to take Monday off because I won't have a desk again until Tuesday. Plans were afoot to move the project back to the main building before I left, obviously there's been a minor delay. 

This has been one of the best holidays I've ever had; I am so doing this again as soon as I can manage it!

Commentary on the day 18 & 19 photos can be found at Day 18 - Manapouri to Otautau and Day 19 - Otautau to Invercargill

Hopefully I'll process some more of the photos later today but I might have to do some domestic stuff like acquiring food 1st. And that may require reassembling the trike so I can get to the shops, etc...

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I went to the Christchurch Museum yesterday which was good and then had lunch on the main cafe strip on Oxford Tce. I think thats where I may have gotten food poisoning or a nasty 24Hr bug that hit me really hard last night. It has been raining the last couple of days, and I haven't been exercising at anywhere near the same levels so that may be why I was vulnerable.

Today I'm just feeling like an old man but at least I'm not vomiting which is a big improvement. Still not looking forward to two flights today in this condition.

And thats all I'm going to say about that. 

On to more amusing subjects I've loaded the photos for Days 16 - 19 to the galleries but I've only done the commentary for:

Day 16 - Queenstown to Te Anau and
Day 17 - Te Anau to Manapouri and Doubtful Sound
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Photos that is. :)

I did go to the Art Gallery and wandered around the arts precinct this morning but the weather is generally cold and wet so I came back to the hotel after lunch

So, without further ado, the following photos are now up:

Day 12 - Wanaka to Queenstown
Day 13 - Queenstown and the TSS Earnslaw
Day 14 - Queenstown, Shotover Jet, and Lugeing

It appears that I didn't take any photos the next day, so the next batch of photos will be for Day 16.
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The photos that is. :)

Day 10 - Haast to Makarora and Day 11 - Makarora to Wanaka are the latest additions.

Off to breakfast soon, and then I think I'll go visit the Christchurch Art Gallery and maybe go punting on the Avon. :)
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I've got high speed internet and I'm not afraid to use it!

Follow the links to the photos for Day 7 - Franz Josef to Fox Glacier, Day 8 - Fox Glacier, & Day 9 - Fox Glacier to Haast.
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A good selection today, at least I think so. :)

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Some good photos today, mostly taken before lunch.

NB: One photo will be going into a separate post for those who wish to avoid it. Hint: Welcome to the Road Kill Cafe...
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Several photos today, including nice bird photos of species that I of course have no idea what they are. NZ natives though so that should add a challenge for the Oz-based ornithologists in the audience. :)

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I didn't have internet access for a while so thats why the Day 17, 18, & 19 posts appeared all of a sudden. 

I've also been able to look at the Day 5 photos so follow the link if you're interested.

Oooh, the hotel tonight has a spa bath and my muscles are sooooo grateful! :)

Off to dinner soon, Day 6 photos may or may not make an appearance later tonight. I make no promises.

UPDATE: The Day 6 Photos are also up!