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Nomination for the Chronos Awards to be awarded at Continuum 2009 are now open.

To lodge a nomination please click on the Read More link below. 


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EDIT 01/06/2009: Acknowledgement emails are being sent to confirm nominations received by email. If you do not receive this email within 48 hours please lodge a comment here to remind me to check the spam trap. Thank you.

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Only the nominees have to be Victorian. Nominations will be accepted  from "...from natural persons active in fandom, or from full or supporting members of the event hosting the award."

BTW this isn't a bug in the rules, it is a feature. :)

Oh, and if anyone from Canberra is at Conjecture could you pick up my conbook etc - I had to work this weekend and couldn't get there.
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I am checking email sent to on a daily basis up until 28 June 2009. An acknowledgement email is being sent for all emails received.

However I have already retrieved one email from the junk mail folder so if you don't receive your acknowledgement email within 48 hours please leave a comment here or on the nominations page to remind me.

All comments on this post or the nominations are screened to preserve confidentiality.
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The Continuum Foundation is currently preparing to award the first Chronos Awards for excellence in Victorian SF, fantasy and horror in 2008. The current rules are presented below for information. Nominations will be opened shortly and I will be co-ordinating these.

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As a number of people know I am a life member of JAFWA, partly for my efforts in filing off the serial numbers of the WASFF constitution when they were incorporating.

Without going into too many details yet I'm starting on a somewhat similar exercise to assist [ profile] dalekboy  with something.
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Inspired by an amusing conversation over dinner last night...
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Thank You

Apr. 12th, 2009 05:53 pm
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To the SwanCon 2010 Committee for asking me to be their fan guest of honour.

The thumb drive progress report was a nice touch. I note with some amusement that my reluctance to be caught in front of the camera has caught up with me. :)

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A 2 hour breakfast spent mostly chatting with friends.

Life is good. Might go shopping for some supplies shortly.


Apr. 8th, 2009 01:10 pm
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Due to certain recent activities I sort of forgot to book a hotel room for SwanCon.

Not expecting much I checked WotIf and sure enough there was nothing shown as available. So, just in case, I called the hotel and discovered that they had a cancellation just this morning. I'll check in tonight.

Oh it's good to be me sometimes. :)


Jan. 7th, 2009 04:23 pm
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The NZ tour dates are a touch later than I expected but on the upside mean that I won't be stopping over in Canberra on the way to Swancon.
Where I'll be and when... ).

Things are looking good.
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There is a fascinating post and discussion about a proposed anime panel for next SwanCon going on in [ profile] alias_sqbr 's journal right now.

Alas it has already aged off my friends page and I want to keep track of it. :)

Among other things I'm having an exchange with [ profile] penchaft  (who I don't think I know in person) that has been quite entertaining thus far. We obviously have very different tastes in anime but the discussion has remained pleasant and courteous.
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...And I can't be bothered.

Happy to come out for dinner if anyone is interested but the convention itself holds no interest for me.


Aug. 11th, 2008 11:45 am
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Is basically my reaction to the Olympics and the World Con in Melbourne in 2010.

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[ profile] rdmasters and [ profile] leecetheartist just won the Marge Hughes (Mumfan) award.

I am incredibly pleased by this, and deeply sorry I missed the awards ceremony because of it. Richly deserved, photos later.


Mar. 23rd, 2008 06:09 pm
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Two very cool things happened today at Swancon.

First was the live commentary on the Dalek episode of the new Doctor Who by the scriptwriter Rob Shearman as interviewed by Ian Mond.

Second, and possibly cooler still*, was hearing that two of my very good friends [ profile] rdmasters and [ profile] leecetheartist are the fan guests for next years Swancon.

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Well I've booked my flights and accommodation for this year's Swancon. I'll be arriving a couple of days early, checking into the hotel on the Wednesday and checking out on the Tuesday morning.  I'll then be sticking around for a couple of weeks flying back on Tuesday 8th April.

Given the length of the stay I'll be bringing the trike with me so I can stay in training and rack up some Ks. 
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Its been a busy, and tiring, week at work. Enough so that I've barely had time to lurk let alone post. 

I'll be showing up at least some of the time at ConFlux but may not be spending too much time there, I'll see how it plays out. Possibly not tonight, I'm much less interested than usual in pretending to be sociable...
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One of the recurring* panel items at SwanCon is "Trailer Park" where panelists, including [ profile] angriest, present downloaded trailers for upcoming films along with their comments and predictions about the films.

One of the films discussed this year was the live action / CGI Transformers (can't you just hear the trainwreck coming?).

The new movie has changed the designs of the Transformers and [ profile] angriest speculated that this may be motivated by a desire to preserve the sales of the original designs merchandise (still going strong apparently) if the movie tanks.

Well I can now report seeing evidence supporting the theory. Today I was off work sick and channel surfing during the afternoon. Along the way I came across an ad for some original design merchandise packaged with a DVD that described itself as the "real Transformers".

*Possibly because it is invariably entertaining, funny, and informative. But don't take my word for it, go see it next year. :)


Apr. 17th, 2007 12:55 pm
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It appears that I didn't escape the post con lurgy after all. I seem to be coming down with it now. Sigh.
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...of the sticker shock associated with trikes. :)

Given the obvious (and enormous) fun I've been having, a number of people asked me at SwanCon about the trike and, understandably, flinched when they heard about the price.

It turns out that Greenspeed will now be acting as Australian agents for Wizwheels, thus providing more of an entry-level price point for tadpole trikes. If you're interested, more details can be found here.