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It turns out that KMX Karts have a dealer, Pedal Sport N Toys, in Perth - I found out about them from a friend I visited yesterday.

So I wandered up there this morning to try out the Cobra and the Viper.

Overall I was impressed on the basis of the brief rides that I had but the absence of accessories such as a rack or mirrors is a concern.

Two recumbent dealers in Perth. Who knew?

Test Rides

Dec. 20th, 2008 03:22 pm
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Well it turns out that I can ride a 'bent bike. In a roughly straight line at least. Turning, not so much. :)

I paid a visit to Just Bents today and tried out a bike and couple of trikes. The trike felt quite odd - the larger wheels and higher seat make for a very different ride and I did find the grip shifts a bit difficult to manage (I'm more of a bar ends kind of a guy).

I had a shorter ride on another trike with suspension and a hard shell seat. I didn't really test the suspension because the seat was angled far too low for me. I definitely prefer the more upright seats.

I may be going back there soon...
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The Greenspeed Anura is the first delta (ie two wheels back) trike from Greenspeed. As with my previous review of the WizWheels TerraTrike Cruiser most of the comparisons will be made to my tadpole (ie two wheels front) Greenspeed GT5 because that is what I spend most of my time on.

I really should make one disclaimer: I'm not the target market for the Anura as I'm too much of a go-karting hoon so bear that in mind as you read on.

LOTS More. With pictures... )


For a first version the Anura is an impressive debut from Greenspeed and would make an ideal touring/cruising trike. The biggest criticisms I have are the lack of accessories (largely as a result of it being a V1.0 release) and the fact that it isn't really for me. But don't let that stop YOU!

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Just before Christmas I bought a new set of pedals that would enable me to ride safely in normal shoes whenever I needed or wanted to. As mentioned previously I needed to salvage the toe clips from my first set of pedals before upgrading from the second set to the third set just bought. I've just done the upgrade and there are a couple of images behind the cut.

Of clips and cleats... ) 

I also removed the fairing for summer today - it had been bouncing around a bit and the mounting on the boom didn't look right anyway. The rubber that kept the metal clear of the boom had slipped so I've got some nasty scratches in my beautiful red powdercoat. Sniff. Boo! :(

Michael from Fuse Recumbents was gave me a hand with the pedals (I don't have a thin enough wrench to get at the cranks) and he'll bring some touchup paint next week. Yay! Michael was here to drop off the frog, er, Anura that I'll be reviewing in detail over the coming week. As a teaser there's an image of my GT5 and the Anura after the cut. 

Anura and tadpole side by side... ) 
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The WizWheels TerraTrike Cruiser is an entry level trike priced from $1990. For the obvious reason that it is all I've got I'll be comparing the Cruiser to my own Greenspeed GT5 and this may not be entirely fair to the Cruiser (given that the base price of a GT5 is, ah, rather more than that).

Whilst the Cruiser has its problems, it also has some very nice features that I'm rather impressed by. Sometimes the good and the bad are mixed into the one feature.

However the design is fundamentally sound and rides well enough with some very impressive design features (especially that adjustable seat) that I liked a lot. I haven't even touched on the upgrade possibilities - something that didn't escape the notice of the editors of 'BentRider Online when they named it one of their "Trikes of the Year" for 2006:

"Trike of the Year, Editor's Choice - Wizwheelz TT Cruiser

No, you're not seeing double. The 700 blew us away mid-year but the economically priced Cruiser has been bringing new riders to the sport in droves all year long. It is by far the best trike ever offered at this price and has a great foundation that should grow right along with the rider's capabilities." 

And I think I'll leave it at that. 

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Two of my favourite words as anyone who knows me realises. :D

In this context I'm referring to the Bicycling Australia show which I visited in Melbourne on Sunday in preference to doing the "Round the Bay in a Day" event. 

In particular, Greenspeed, Trisled, and Flying Furniture were exhibiting, and they had demo trikes on the test track. My comments are beneath the cut...


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