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An (almost) perfect end to the tour.

Still, can't really complain about ONE puncture )

I had fun, caught up with family and friends, and piled on the kilometres. Good to be me. :)
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Back in Canberra & I've already ridden further in May than I did in April. Another 400Ks this month and I'll be ahead of quota again.

Full ride report later.
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Well that pretty much worked as planned although I'm surprisingly tired this afternoon.

Hopefully the 92Ks to Canberra tomorrow won't be quite this hard.
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A bus that requires me to get up at stupid o'clock but still better than riding up that mountain...
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Being in all manner of things a comedy of errors and timing.

Now to go see if the nice man at reception has come up with a plan A for getting me over the Macquarie Pass that doesn't involve pedaling...
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Wheeeeee!  Oh, and a good lateral abs workout while I was at it.

I needed to get to Leura in the Blue Mountains today so planned on riding to Wollongong and catching the train from there. This would be a short day - only 50Ks or so.

Once I got to Wollongong I bought a train ticket to Leura ($22.00, pretty good for the distance) and managed to keep the trike unfolded and the luggage on through lifts and one change of trains to Leura.

So now I'm in Leura borrowing my Aunt's internet and waiting for dinner and enjoying catching up with her, a cousin, and my eldest brother. Life is good.
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A much better day today. Still slow, and still a seemingly endless series of hills*, but I made the distance in reasonably good time.

Gotta go, my bangers and mash just got here.:)
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So I've started the three day ride to Sydney with the first leg to Goulburn. Alas, I ended up cheating at the last.

On to Robertson tomorrow with an earlier start and (hopefully) a flatter,cruisier, ride.
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Current thinking is towards the second stopover being in Moss Vale or Robertson. For various reasons the coastal route from Wollongong north is looking really tempting right now.

I'll make a decision sometime tomorrow then hit Wotif to make bookings.
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I will still be visiting Mapworld and buying appropriate touring maps for reference.

But as a fall back I've taken screenshots and downloaded cue-sheets for a bunch of possible routes from I also have some rail maps loaded.

The images are quite legible on the asus.

I also have PDFs of the NSW RTA bike maps. These will be... less useful. Hopefully I can get colour prints at work that will actually be readable.


Apr. 26th, 2008 10:18 am
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I picked up one of the Asus eees yesterday. My thinking is that this would be an ideal touring device as it is:

a. small and therefore packable into a regular pannier;
b. solid state and therefore less subject to shock;
c. cheap and therefore less of an issue if something does go wrong.

Read more... )
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I will in early May be riding to Sydney to catch up with eldest brother as he flies through. I won't be pushing too hard - call it ~100Ks a day with overnight  stops in Goulburn and either Mossvale or Mittagong.

Thus far my planning for the third day is to get to the Sydney metro rail network and then train to Chatswood. Alternatively, I might pay large amounts for a taxi to just dodge the whole business of riding in Sydney traffic (which I'm constantly being warned is dire and horrible and ugly, etc).

Then it occurred to me that I had to be shown the bike path network in Perth the last time I was there (Hi [ profile] rdmasters, hi [ profile] leecetheartist, hi steveg!). When I lived in Perth I mostly drove and simply didn't notice bike routes, or think in those terms, and most of the people I know in Sydney would be the same way.

So, does anyone know if Sydney has a decent bike route from a south western approach through to Chatswood? Where can I find details?

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10 hours ride time total (just over 5 yesterday, just less today), very tired right now and I'll probably be very hungry later.

Full ride report with photos later.


Mar. 7th, 2008 04:01 pm
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Left work early today and bought some stuff to make the ride to Goulburn easier.

Little things such as a map, map holder, and a bigger pump that can actually reach a decent riding pressure without being an all up floor pump. Also longer gloves (so I won't get that odd pattern burn on the wrists between the jersey and the gloves) and a big container of sunscreen.

Forgot to buy a new rear light for the headrest (I've lost one) but I'll do that tomorrow. Also on the list for tomorrow is a refill container for the hydration pack -there's no way I'm doing a ride like this with less than 4L on board plus whatever I buy along the way.

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I am now committed to the Goulburn ride - I've just booked accommodation for Sunday night.

This will be my first unsupported tour so I'll need to haul change of clothes etc in a pannier. I'm not sure yet if I'm going to take the laptop or do the journal write up when I get back.

The burning question is whether I'll have the time and energy to do stuff when I get there...or whether the heated indoor pool at the hotel will be first and foremost in my thoughts. :)
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A friend here in Canberra is considering the possibility of an unsupported trike tour with his wife from Perth to Monkey Mia to see the dolphins. This is not immediate; it may be happening sometime in the next couple of years.

It sounds like a cool idea, but is it feasible? 

What would be the major issues? 

Camping sites or other accommodation? 
Getting supplies along the way?

Does anyone have any relevant links to suggest or comments to make?



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