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Have a safe and happy day with friends and family.

Oh and may I just say how much I appreciate [ profile] dalekboy's wicked sense of humour. :)
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It was all good basically.

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May. 6th, 2008 12:51 pm
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For those of my friends list with a serious interest in children's literature, I bring you Magpies!

I readily admit that this plug is a shameless example of nepotism but hey it really is a good magazine and one of the longer running magazines in the area.

So go and make with the clicky already.
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Wheeeeee!  Oh, and a good lateral abs workout while I was at it.

I needed to get to Leura in the Blue Mountains today so planned on riding to Wollongong and catching the train from there. This would be a short day - only 50Ks or so.

Once I got to Wollongong I bought a train ticket to Leura ($22.00, pretty good for the distance) and managed to keep the trike unfolded and the luggage on through lifts and one change of trains to Leura.

So now I'm in Leura borrowing my Aunt's internet and waiting for dinner and enjoying catching up with her, a cousin, and my eldest brother. Life is good.

On My Way!

Mar. 1st, 2007 07:47 am
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Currently I'm sitting in my hotel room in Sydney close to the international airport. I'll get up at some ungodly hour tomorrow morning so that I can have breakfast and still check in early enough to ensure that I won't have any trouble with the trike.

Been a good day, had lunch with my brother and caught up with a former housemate who moved here from Canberra.

Now on to NZ!


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