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Or will he just settle for the money?

And whilst I'm here: hello police? I appear to be drink driving. I will note that the amusing headline is quite unfair to the young lady involved - it appears that she is having a difficult time and is trying to get help.

Recognising that you need help can be hard, and asking for help is usually harder still so I think the lady deserves some applause.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]John McCain picking Sarah Palin as his running mate. It was the first time that I predicted a page on Snopes, and the first time that I saw it happen that fast.
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OK, so there's this sauna in Austria designed to look like a human skull. Odd, but kinda cool, especially when you consider that there's supposed to be steam coming out of the eye sockets. Except it isn't being allowed to run:

Although the skull was built to be fully functional, visitors won't be able to try it out or witness steam emanating from its eye sockets - something that only happens when the sauna, which fits eight people, is in use.

Snaffled rom Snopes Daily of course. :)
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An out-of-office email response ends up on a road sign.
In Welsh.

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Sired by High Yield,  Subprime just paid $6.30 on a $2 bet. Courtesy of Snopes Daily of course.

That would be the horse though. :)
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As we close in on the big day here is a look at the important tallies on Snopes:

Obama: 45 (includes Senator Biden's legends)
McCain: 11
Palin: 10
Biden: 2*

*I think, he seems to have lost his own page on Snopes so once again Senator Biden is officially boring.
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Since it seems to be something of a recurring theme for me I've added a News of the Weird tag to pick up on the things I link to from Snopes Daily.

And speaking of which the advice for today is: Don't drive a stolen car to court. Especially not to be convicted of another car theft.
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Play with a police car.

(Courtesy of Snopes Daily)
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I'm not going to bother with the links to Snopes this time (I might edit them in later) but here are the current urban legend tallies:

Barack Obama: 38 (but really 36 as his page repeats both of Joseph Biden's)
Sarah Palin: 10 (second!)
John McCain: 9
Joseph Biden: 2

And, yes, Obama has more than the other three combined...
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Don't load the stove with buckshot.

Courtesy of Daily Snopes.
arcadiagt5: (Default) can always fail again.

Courtesy of Daily Snopes of course. :)
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Remember the season 1 Buffy episode Witch?

Good. Now try this news article on for size...
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As per Snopes today the tally is:

Obama: 33* + a virus email in circulation
McCain: 6
Palin: 5
Biden: 1 but -1* for having to share Obama's page on Snopes.

Biden still isn't trying hard enough, and Palin is making a strong charge for 2nd. :)
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Snopes has a new version of the Nigerian Scam involving the FBI.

The sad thing is that this version is designed to target people who have already been hit by the Nigerian scam...
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Remember how I said that Sarah Palin would soon have her very own page on Snopes? Was it only two days ago?

Voila! Oh, and there's already a third, false, legend about a list of banned books up.

EDIT 09/09/08: + 1. A fourth, false, legend about various quotes attributed to Palin that are actually sourced from a satirical site. :)
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Sarah Palin will soon have her own page on Snopes. The second urban legend about her, a soapbox email marked as true, is up on Snopes. 

At the moment the urban legends verdict on Senator Joe Biden is that he is obviously boring. No urban legends about him at all, although this might change as the campaign wears on.
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The first photoshopped Sarah Palin urban legend is up on Snopes.

However Obama's urban legend tally of 31 is still way ahead of McCain's 5.


Aug. 27th, 2008 08:04 pm
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John Clarke and Brian Dawe have officially made it: they have their very own urban legend.

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Cyclist knocked off bike by driver. Unfortunate, all too common, not at all weird.

Driver strips naked and runs around the crash site. OK, that's weird...and only half the story.

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Via Snopes, landlord: You're not paying your rent so I'll ramraid my own property.

And, no, it didn't make any sense to me either...