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Nomination for the Chronos Awards to be awarded at Continuum 2009 are now open.

To lodge a nomination please click on the Read More link below. 


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EDIT 01/06/2009: Acknowledgement emails are being sent to confirm nominations received by email. If you do not receive this email within 48 hours please lodge a comment here to remind me to check the spam trap. Thank you.

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As mentioned previously the new headlight is a lot easier to turn on and off.

Because the new dynamo is silent and with no noticeable drag I don't bother. I'm basically leaving it on all the time.
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Job hunting has commenced - is anyone out there looking for a business analyst? :)

I took a taxi to my first interview in Tuggeranong this morning and wound up doing the navigating. For readers in Perth it was like having to show the taxi driver how to find the Mitchell Freeway. Granted it was the driver's first day on the job but even so...

I caught the bus back.
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Only the nominees have to be Victorian. Nominations will be accepted  from "...from natural persons active in fandom, or from full or supporting members of the event hosting the award."

BTW this isn't a bug in the rules, it is a feature. :)

Oh, and if anyone from Canberra is at Conjecture could you pick up my conbook etc - I had to work this weekend and couldn't get there.
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I can fit a 16" wheel into an Arkel RT-60 pannier. I'm not sure if this means that:

a) My wheels are ridiculously small; or
b) My panniers are ridicullusly large.
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For a cyclist at night there is no such thing as too many lights.

And I've just got some more! Oooh Shiny! )
EDIT: I think I'm in love...
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Particularly when dealing with a long entry with a cut. Post edit the cut may not be where you expected it. Sigh.

I'll see if I can fix it when I get home and have semagic available.
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I am checking email sent to on a daily basis up until 28 June 2009. An acknowledgement email is being sent for all emails received.

However I have already retrieved one email from the junk mail folder so if you don't receive your acknowledgement email within 48 hours please leave a comment here or on the nominations page to remind me.

All comments on this post or the nominations are screened to preserve confidentiality.
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The Continuum Foundation is currently preparing to award the first Chronos Awards for excellence in Victorian SF, fantasy and horror in 2008. The current rules are presented below for information. Nominations will be opened shortly and I will be co-ordinating these.

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As a number of people know I am a life member of JAFWA, partly for my efforts in filing off the serial numbers of the WASFF constitution when they were incorporating.

Without going into too many details yet I'm starting on a somewhat similar exercise to assist [ profile] dalekboy  with something.

Star Trek

May. 19th, 2009 09:56 pm
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And here's a completely spoiler free set of reasons why... )
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1. A plumber arrived early. Surely a sign of the apocalypse
2. There is a fault with the hot water system which (hopefully) will be fixed by the time I get home (any bets on that? Especially given that the plumber has to go get a part).
3. I know I shut the work PC down properly on Friday in preparation for the power outage yesterday. Didn't help, box was fried this morning.

And that was Monday. I wonder what the rest of the week will be like...
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...that [ profile] shazgirl makes a wonderful pea and ham soup!

Also, not working this long weekend was a wise move on my part.

STILL sick

Apr. 22nd, 2009 12:42 pm
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It isn't really bad but I'm getting tired of it. The doctor's surgery in Civic I called won't have any appointments available until next week.

However I spoke to [ profile] dalekboy  a little while ago to get the details of the walk-in clinic he and [ profile] shazgirl  use - I might try to leave work early to go there by taxi this evening (I don't think riding more than the basic commute is a particularly bright idea right now)
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I'm basically agreeing with [ profile] seawasp on this one - at the moment dreamwidth is looking to me like a solution in search of a problem.

In other news I'm getting really tired of being sick - I should have been working this weekend (for that matter I wanted to work this weekend) but just couldn't face it. I'll go in tomorrow but I'll be trying to book an appointment to see a GP as early as I can in the week.

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Michael at Fuse Recumbents has apparently had one of these bottle dynamos fail before* and suggested turning the dynamo wheel that rests against the tyre a few times. Apparently the wheel should turn smoothly but what I was getting was this odd bumpy ness alternating with smooth bits.

Based on my discussion with Michael I think this means that the bearings are shot and the dynamo is a writeoff. For the moment I'm going to fall back on the helmet light whilst looking at replacing the lighting system with a hub dynamo in the left wheel.

*Given that I've had the dynamo for the better part of 4 years out of it isn't that much of a surprise really.
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Just re-assembled the trike. The dynamo and/or both of the lights fed by the dynamo aren't working, one of the rear flashing lights isn't working with fresh batteries, and the computer mounting is also busted. Oh, and my tool pouch has some largeish holes in it as well as a broken zip. I should probably get a new flag as well.

I should be able to get to work and back (in daylight anyway) but some serious work is required before everything is fully operational again.

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Dozed a bit but didn't get much sleep on the plane - I left the cold/flu drugs in Perth. Doh!

Not feeling too bad at the moment but I'll be wanting to get to a pharmacy fairly soon once I'm in Canberra.

Oh goody

Apr. 14th, 2009 08:37 am
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1. The blocked ears I've had all weekend have been joined by a running nose and the start of a cough.

2. My Wed AM flight from Sydney to Canberra has been cancelled.

Given that the redeye from Perth to Sydney tonight hasn't been cancelled things, and that I can't hear the hold music on the Qantas line, things could get interesting tonight...

EDIT: I have a new flight and an extra hour in Sydney Airport. Oh well, could have been worse I guess.
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Inspired by an amusing conversation over dinner last night...
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