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For a cyclist at night there is no such thing as too many lights.

And I've just got some more! Oooh Shiny! )
EDIT: I think I'm in love...
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Michael at Fuse Recumbents has apparently had one of these bottle dynamos fail before* and suggested turning the dynamo wheel that rests against the tyre a few times. Apparently the wheel should turn smoothly but what I was getting was this odd bumpy ness alternating with smooth bits.

Based on my discussion with Michael I think this means that the bearings are shot and the dynamo is a writeoff. For the moment I'm going to fall back on the helmet light whilst looking at replacing the lighting system with a hub dynamo in the left wheel.

*Given that I've had the dynamo for the better part of 4 years out of it isn't that much of a surprise really.
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Just re-assembled the trike. The dynamo and/or both of the lights fed by the dynamo aren't working, one of the rear flashing lights isn't working with fresh batteries, and the computer mounting is also busted. Oh, and my tool pouch has some largeish holes in it as well as a broken zip. I should probably get a new flag as well.

I should be able to get to work and back (in daylight anyway) but some serious work is required before everything is fully operational again.

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New chain, new cluster, new guide tubes for the chain, new seat cover, new tyres.

Oh, and the suddenly very responsive handinlg through an S-bend...
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1. The derailleur is horizontal rather than vertical when you're in top gear (because the chain has stretched about 6" in the last year).

2. You can't keep a smooth motion when on the small chain ring in back (because the teeth on that ring have worn down to the point where the chain is jumping).

3. The chain just isn't sitting right on the middle ring in front (because those teeth have worn into an interesting shark fin shape).

Anyone who wants to fill this list out to a top ten go ahead in the comments and I'll tell you if I've noticed those signs too. Oh, and did I mention that I've just ordered a new drive train?

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It turns out that KMX Karts have a dealer, Pedal Sport N Toys, in Perth - I found out about them from a friend I visited yesterday.

So I wandered up there this morning to try out the Cobra and the Viper.

Overall I was impressed on the basis of the brief rides that I had but the absence of accessories such as a rack or mirrors is a concern.

Two recumbent dealers in Perth. Who knew?

Test Rides

Dec. 20th, 2008 03:22 pm
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Well it turns out that I can ride a 'bent bike. In a roughly straight line at least. Turning, not so much. :)

I paid a visit to Just Bents today and tried out a bike and couple of trikes. The trike felt quite odd - the larger wheels and higher seat make for a very different ride and I did find the grip shifts a bit difficult to manage (I'm more of a bar ends kind of a guy).

I had a shorter ride on another trike with suspension and a hard shell seat. I didn't really test the suspension because the seat was angled far too low for me. I definitely prefer the more upright seats.

I may be going back there soon...

In Perth

Dec. 19th, 2008 11:46 am
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Arrived last night and spending a quiet day today. Tonight I will game and things will begin to get better.

Tomorrow the healing will continue with a bout of retail therapy at Just Bents.
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The official website for the Greenspeed Glyde is up. And, yes, next time I visit Melbourne (no immediate plans) I'll be trying to get test rides of the Glyde and the TriSled Avatar.

Both are seriously sexy pieces of kit but having said that I'm not sure that a velomobile is really for me. I've sat in one before and came away feeling cramped.

Then again I suspect that static display isn't quite the same as experiencing the ride...
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I saw this on the weekend with [ profile] shazgirl  and quite enjoyed it.

Comments with some spoilers... )
On the way home I discovered that Canberra has been invaded by thousands of kids for the Pacific School Games. On the approach to Dickson I pulled up to a set of lights as some Japanese girls were crossing the road and I collected a "Sugoi!" from one of them when she saw the trike. :)
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First the good news: ARIA the ANIMATION arrived today! Yay!

Now the bad news: I lost my jolly roger from the trike and I don't know where! Boo!
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I have dry feet. The fairing rocks.

It turns out I'm more likely to get wet from underneath than from above...
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But as seen on 'BentRider Online this fully-suspended tadpole trike from HP Velotechnik looks fabulous. And it folds!

The Scorpion fs doesn't come in red, and at 30cm the seat is a bit high for my taste, but for those addicted to comfort...

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As I've been hinting at recently there was an act of bastardy with the trike a couple of nights ago.

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Does anyone in Canberra have a set of bolt cutters or equivalent?

And in case you hadn't guessed from the title, this post and the previous post are related.
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I doubt that I could accurately measure it but the Arcadia certainly feels faster and zippier with the pannier rack and pannier removed.

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[personal profile] dalekboyand [personal profile] shazgirl for acquiring the oldest Greenspeed I've ever seen or ridden.

And it may well be the oldest Greenspeed in OZ sf fandom - the only other contender I'm aware of is Steveg's 1995 GTR.



R & R

Jun. 30th, 2008 01:39 pm
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Aka Riding and Retail (therapy). What were you expecting? :)

After a long work month (160 hours!), a Saturday of not much, a Sunday of not much more, I was feeling like playing a bit on my day off.

So I did. :) )

*The outdoor clothing companies seem to encourage stealth pedestrians which is one of the reasons I wanted more (and heavier duty) front lighting.
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For anyone planning a wedding comes this list from John Scalzi on how to enjoy the wedding and the marriage. Beautiful stuff

I will note that as an entirely impartial observer, Patrick and Clare seemed to get everything right. :)

Courtesy of Steveg comes this link to an exceedingly cool steampunk recumbent trike.

Yes the thing would be damned heavy but even so, WANT! :)
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Last night I had the somewhat disturbing experience of the dynamo not engaging properly on the wheel due to the wet conditions. ie I was riding on dark wet roads with no headlight.

I got home and experimented by rotating the dynamo mounting so that it is more centred on the tyre. This morning the roads were still wet but the dynamo seemed to be working fine. 

It does raise the possibility of having to adjust the dynamo mounting whenever I change the type of tyre used on the rear wheel. Mind you I've only done that once so far so not really a big deal.