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Nomination for the Chronos Awards to be awarded at Continuum 2009 are now open.

To lodge a nomination please click on the Read More link below. 


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EDIT 01/06/2009: Acknowledgement emails are being sent to confirm nominations received by email. If you do not receive this email within 48 hours please lodge a comment here to remind me to check the spam trap. Thank you.

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Only the nominees have to be Victorian. Nominations will be accepted  from "...from natural persons active in fandom, or from full or supporting members of the event hosting the award."

BTW this isn't a bug in the rules, it is a feature. :)

Oh, and if anyone from Canberra is at Conjecture could you pick up my conbook etc - I had to work this weekend and couldn't get there.
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I am checking email sent to on a daily basis up until 28 June 2009. An acknowledgement email is being sent for all emails received.

However I have already retrieved one email from the junk mail folder so if you don't receive your acknowledgement email within 48 hours please leave a comment here or on the nominations page to remind me.

All comments on this post or the nominations are screened to preserve confidentiality.
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The Continuum Foundation is currently preparing to award the first Chronos Awards for excellence in Victorian SF, fantasy and horror in 2008. The current rules are presented below for information. Nominations will be opened shortly and I will be co-ordinating these.

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