STILL sick

Apr. 22nd, 2009 12:42 pm
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It isn't really bad but I'm getting tired of it. The doctor's surgery in Civic I called won't have any appointments available until next week.

However I spoke to [ profile] dalekboy  a little while ago to get the details of the walk-in clinic he and [ profile] shazgirl  use - I might try to leave work early to go there by taxi this evening (I don't think riding more than the basic commute is a particularly bright idea right now)
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No, wait, it is just my face in the mirror.

The trainer was supersetting the same muscle groups so I looked a touch pale after the seated row* / upright row combinations. 

*The exercise also known as "click go the shoulder joints, click, click, click". :)


Oct. 17th, 2008 01:24 pm
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On Monday I struggled with the weights and was wondering why. This morning I had a longer, slower, warmup on the rowing machine (10 minutes) and worked a lot better with the weights.

I had an extra 10Kg on the bench press for a start, and completed both sets of reps.

And in other news, happy birthday to [ profile] rdmasters !

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Today I struggled with the weight work but handled the cardio fine. Odd, normally it is the other way round.
Still not a big fan of interval training though...
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Morning: A good gym session and a nice ride to work under a beautiful blue sky. A bit windy but you can't have everything.

Lunchtime: Weather looks to be turning grim, cloud cover is in and it is attempting to rain with mixed success.

Evening: Wind, rain, and an oppressively dark sky. Courtesy of lights, rain jacket, fairing, and the garage remote the ride home wasn't too bad though but I'm not going out there again tonight. Pizza is coming to me I tell you!

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Had a fitness assessment today and I can't complain about the results. A blood pressure of 114/68 isn't too bad at all, and neither is a resting pulse of about 56*.

*Which, given that I had to ride to the gym, means that my actual resting pulse is probably lower than that by a bit.

Also I've gotten through the winter without a dreaded lurgy which is good.
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I'm not sure what is happening but I just haven't had the power for sprints or climbs over the last couple of days. Very sluggish.

It may be the trike (tyre pressure, or chain), it may be me. 

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60Kgs on the bench press this morning. I only did about 6 - 8 reps each time, and I really needed the spot, but still...

Also worth noting is that despite only doing upper body workouts I just don't have the power for the sprint on Commonwealth Ave afterwards.

R & R

Jun. 30th, 2008 01:39 pm
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Aka Riding and Retail (therapy). What were you expecting? :)

After a long work month (160 hours!), a Saturday of not much, a Sunday of not much more, I was feeling like playing a bit on my day off.

So I did. :) )

*The outdoor clothing companies seem to encourage stealth pedestrians which is one of the reasons I wanted more (and heavier duty) front lighting.
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Headed off nice and early to the gym this morning so I could get in a good cardio session prior to the weights work. Only to realise halfway there that I'd left the bike lock at home. So I turned around and raced home to get it.

And as soon as I turned around it started raining.

When I left home again it was closer to my usual departure time...and it had stopped raining. :)

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I've fixed the problem with the fairing so now I can stand up when getting on/off, and given myself more clearance underneath. All good. Also amusing is the extent to which the weather gods continue to mock me. :)

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Back in October I posted about a stolen bike that belonged to a lovely lady who was on the Adelaide to Melbourne ride with me

Well, it has been found and the lady has her beautiful bike back. Yay!

In other news it was only a matter of time before the new personal trainer had me doing the plank. Twice this morning, for 45s each time, so I'm quite pleased by that.
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It was supposed to be an outdoor wedding dammit! There is a contingency plan but I was so hoping for the couple's sake that it wouldn't be needed.

I've also spent the last couple of days making sure that I wouldn't be sick today - no riding*, resting inside, lots of hot drinks - so that I'm up for my best man duties. I'm still taking a pack of strepsils along anyway just in case something does start happening to my throat.

Last night spent chatting, eating pizza, and playing computer games with the groom and other friends. Well, I played 10 pin bowling with a Wii and enjoyed watching many people play Guitar Hero on an X-Box. I rapidly observed that Guitar Hero requires far too much hand eye coordination & reflexes for me.

*I'll worry about my riding quota for April later.

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Today was a scheduled rest day. 

Today was also a day of much rain thereby ensuring that I behaved myself after work. :)
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OK, I had a gym session and a good (~50Ks) ride yesterday.

I really, really should leave today as a rest day and not go riding today. But it is such a beautiful day out there. 

I'm sure a little ride wouldn't hurt. 

Just up around Parliament House.

And maybe Red Hill. 

And the wetlands...
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...but its raining again.

Oh well, I guess that means I can put in a long ride tomorrow. :)


Feb. 10th, 2008 03:37 pm
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I managed a century ride today. Perhaps that explains why I'm so sleepy at half past three...

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OK, Tuesdays and Thursdays are my designated rest days and its only cheating a little bit to come home via Kings Ave rather than Commonwealth Ave.

I mean, it only adds one Km to the distance. More or less. :)
arcadiagt5: (Airborne!) going to be tough. Achieving it requires an average of 650Km 625Km a month and I'm about 100Ks 75Ks short for January.

I had a pleasant ride with the Canberra Mob this morning and I'll probably go for a ride this evening so that will make up some of the deficit. The hard thing is resisting the temptation to find somewhere flat to ride instead of doing hills which is better for my technique and fitness.

EDIT: Oops. Got my sums wrong, must be getting old...
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Courtesy of [ profile] stephendedman (thanks!) comes this video of a hybrid recumbent/upright that can switch modes midride.

The idea is to have a recumbent where you can switch to a standing position for hill climbing (so that you can use your body weight). I'm not sure the advantage is worth the weight penalties* or the risk to the knees from mashing. I can't mash so I've learnt to watch my cadence and keep spinning at 80-100 which is a lot better for the knees.

*There are at least two: the extra parts for the concertina mechanisms and the fact that the handlebars have to be load bearing in the upright position.