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...that [ profile] shazgirl makes a wonderful pea and ham soup!

Also, not working this long weekend was a wise move on my part.

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Had a great time playing History of the World last night with the usual suspects hosted by [ profile] rdmasters and [ profile] leecetheartist.

A quiet evening with good conversation, good food, and a board game with depth. Best of all the game was being played in good spirit with all enjoying themselves.

I hope everyone else had as enjoyable a new years eve!
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Have a safe and happy day with friends and family.

Oh and may I just say how much I appreciate [ profile] dalekboy's wicked sense of humour. :)
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Yes I know that there are a lot of people I should be calling and seeing right now. Sorry.

I haven't been good for much more than web surfing the last couple of days.

In Perth

Dec. 19th, 2008 11:46 am
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Arrived last night and spending a quiet day today. Tonight I will game and things will begin to get better.

Tomorrow the healing will continue with a bout of retail therapy at Just Bents.
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I saw this on the weekend with [ profile] shazgirl  and quite enjoyed it.

Comments with some spoilers... )
On the way home I discovered that Canberra has been invaded by thousands of kids for the Pacific School Games. On the approach to Dickson I pulled up to a set of lights as some Japanese girls were crossing the road and I collected a "Sugoi!" from one of them when she saw the trike. :)
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Last time I was in Perth [ profile] rdmasters fed my iPod the second October Project album Falling Farther In.

I now have the physical CDs for both of the original October Project albums.

It's all his fault I tell you!
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I'm going to go bicycle touring next year in February or March. New Zealand or possibly Vietnam.

It will be a supported tour and I'm going to have a ball.

So, is there anyone out there who wants to come along for the ride?

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Like [ profile] leecetheartist I could do with a bit of cheering up.

The weekend was pleasant enough but today was "meh" at best.

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Seems to be what I'm doing right now, even with working 3 hours on Saturday.

Movies and Music Ensue )
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It was all good basically.

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Whilst I've been busy retagging news of the weird posts I've been re-reading older posts that I wanted to refresh my memory of.

In the comments thread to a 5 questions meme, [ profile] vegetus wistfully observed "now if my legs weren't too short for a trike".

This is where I point out that Europe is recumbent heaven generally, that the UK is the home of Trice specifically, and that the 35" minimum x-seam of the Trice Q & T is shorter than Greenspeed manage for the small-frame GTs...

Also, the prices for a Trice look a lot cheaper when you're already being paid in sterling. :)

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No riding other than a groceries run but good company on Saturday and a relaxing solitude today.

WARNING: Links after the cut lead to spoilery wikipedia pages!
People interested in bad news should go away now. Only pleasantries after this point. )


Oct. 17th, 2008 01:24 pm
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On Monday I struggled with the weights and was wondering why. This morning I had a longer, slower, warmup on the rowing machine (10 minutes) and worked a lot better with the weights.

I had an extra 10Kg on the bench press for a start, and completed both sets of reps.

And in other news, happy birthday to [ profile] rdmasters !

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The latest Greenspeed newsletter has more information on the development of the Glyde velomobile (and over which I will stop drooling any time now). Apparently the Pedal Prix competitions provided some of the R & D opportunities.

As I recall from some interesting conversations (well, I enjoyed them at least :) ), I believe [ profile] nevryn was involved in the Pedal Prix (or something similar) some time ago.
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Went for a great ride with a friend this morning wrapping up with brunch at Bagels. Beautiful blue sky, a bit windy, but also a reasonable temperature.

Less than half an hour after getting home it is raining, hard, and thunder has been heard...
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I just read Steven Brust's Jhegaala  (spoilers at this link) and while not the best of the Vlad Taltos series it is still quite amusing. As usual he's been jumping around the sequencing again and this one fits just after Phoenix.

However for a non-spoilery amusing coincidence check out the cover art here and [ profile] leecetheartist 's userpics here.

And since it is talk like a pirate day: Arrrr!
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Passed 4000Ks for the year today. And [ profile] rdmasters has acquired a shiny new toy in a truly righteous colour.

I do wonder though if this means that he will be exhibiting hoonish trike-like tendencies sooner rather than later. :)
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Had a couple of good games of Wings of War with some amusing moments.

Mayhem, hilarity, and collisions ensued... )
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[personal profile] dalekboyand [personal profile] shazgirl for acquiring the oldest Greenspeed I've ever seen or ridden.

And it may well be the oldest Greenspeed in OZ sf fandom - the only other contender I'm aware of is Steveg's 1995 GTR.




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